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Available Pets: Available Pets

Future/Planned Litters

Quality Guaranteed

We want to make sure you are completely satisfied by your choice of pet. All of our animals come fully registered and vet certified. They undergo a wellness exam, have all the required vaccinations, and come with a personal medical record booklet.



A Blue Fawn carrying coco, blue, and tan points

Jolene is a perfect example of her breed. They are very curious and playful and get along well with other animals and children. She has such a great demeanor and is very relaxed. She is also DNA four panel cleared! She will be ready to breed this spring 2024. Look forward for her next litter.


A Lilac and Tan Platinum Fluffy Carrier

Need any stud services!? 
Ice is a direct Grandson of Bad Action. He is a cute ball of playfulness and has a great temperament. His DNA is Ayat kyky BB coco dd ee no merle or intensity,1 copy of piebald and 1 copy of long hair gene! Ice is currently available for stud to approved females. He is also DNA four panel cleared!


A Blue Fawn Merle

Bunni is our gem of the pack. Her docile temperament makes for an amazing companion. She is an amazing mother and packs much to be desired. Stay tuned for her next litter this summer 2024!

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